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Meet Brad Walker
Brad WalkerHi, I'm Brad Walker and I love helping people fix their frustrating sports injuries and annoying muscle aches and pains.

But I was fed up with the vague, complicated, hard to understand, and often contradictory advice given by many PT's, chiro's and doctors (not to mention the high prices they charge). I created to give you simple sports injury advice in an easy to understand, step-by-step format so you can treat yourself at home with confidence, and get back to a life of pain free activity and vitality.

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Our Mission to help people treat their own injuries, in the safety and comfort of their own home, by providing the best stretching, flexibility and sports injury management tools and information.

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"This is the first cycling season that I don't have knee pain! Thank you for compiling such a valuable resource."
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Joyce Banttari (Aurora, Minnesota, US)

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Mendy Jimison (California, US)

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Michelle Ramsundar (London, United Kingdom)

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Fonnie Hall (Winlock, Washington, US)

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Paul Foreman (Kentucky, US)

"I can't begin to tell you how much you have helped me. Your information has helped me get back into activities that I thought were history."
Mel Milliron (West Farmington, Ohio, US)